Life’s Journey.

The start to this blog/page is about life’s journey.
Each of us have distinct stories to speak about life.
You may say it’s the best or the worst.
However you define your life’s journey as, remember it’s a gift to you by your Heavenly Father which many have lost craving for. You are not here by mistake, you escaped mishaps not coz you were lucky, your blessed with life coz Jesus loves you and His Abundant Grace is upon your life.

Each days journey might be getting tougher, but at the end of it all you’ll realise that He had a purpose through this trial.

I’m not just simply writing this, while I write this, I’m facing the biggest storm of my life which I’m clueless about, but I only trust the one that has brought me this far.

Through the trials of my life, I’ve learnt to trust in Jesus. He’s the Alpha and Omega! The beginning and the end. The one whose got you into this trial won’t let you down but will bring you through it!

Romans 8:18 says ” I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.”

So be rest assured my dear beloved, that trials are only coming to make you stronger and increase your faith in the Almighty!

Be courageous, happy and rejoice each day for its by His Grace your alive and reading this.

God bless you!