Memories play an integral part in your life, some are good and some bad. Memories are what you make them to be, you make them either good/bad. 

The memories flowing in right now was one of the most beautiful ones I’ve cherished till date. 

The Loss is irreplaceable and the person was so so dear and kind. 

One whom i would have loved to be with if he were still here. And one who would do anything to bring back that 100 watts smile back on my face. Journey together was very short, but indeed the most memorable one. 

And i always say, “I wish you were still here”, well that’s only what i can think of. Almost a decade has gone by, but memories with you still stay alive no matter what. 
Oh! How i miss you Booch! If only you were here, U’d be Boochi mama again!
Ps: Written in remembrance of a very dear friend whom I lost a decade ago.