What comes into your mind when someone says “Butterflies in my Tummy”??

You think of one being anxious about something, or being nervous about something right or some kinda fear that they’re going through regarding some situation.

But here I’m referring not to any of the above, so what can it be then?

Any guesses about what I’m referring to?

Well for those of you who guessed it, yeah I’m referring to the little one growing within me. It’s the most beautiful experience one can go through, every woman would love to experience this beautiful butterflies in the tummy!

This little butterfly is going to be my colourful one, the one whose going to change my world around and be my new new world forever and my little butterfly whose going to bring so much joy and happiness into my life, whom I’m going to treasure more than anyone else in this world.

Can’t wait to hold my little one in my arms and experience being the most important role of a woman – A Mother!ย 

The little one is twisting and turning, jumping around and kicking right now which all seems like the butterfly in the tummy.

My little butterfly, your loved more than anything else or anyone else in this whole wide world as your going to be My World or rather your already my world and mommy dearest will give her best to give you all the joys in life. Your so greatly treasured and awaited for!ย 

Awaiting your arrival, enjoying your twirling within, your mommy loves you no matter what and can’t wait to hold you My beautiful one in my loving arms..!!ย