The most favorite word of mine on Planet Earth is “GRACE”, Coz it’s by HIS Grace that i am Alive and writing this.

Word of God says “My Grace is sufficient for you”, and its all we ever need.

God’s abundant Grace is what we all need in each one of our lives, His Grace helps us through every storm of our life, His Grace is enough for us, His Grace is amazing though it’s undeserved.

We don’t deserve His Grace for we are not worthy to have this precious gift, But He loves Us Unconditionally so He has His Grace for You and me.

God’s Grace is the most Beautiful and precious gift from above, coz life without God’s Grace is heinous.

Your family & friends, your beautiful/handsome spouse, your career, your shelter, your breath, your health, your wealth is nothing but God’s Grace upon your life..

So.. Enjoy each day as you live in His Grace and by His Grace..

Dear Friend, yes YOU the one reading this, remember that its by His Grace we are Alive and its by His Grace that we see each new day and a brand new beginning to life. Its purely His favor on us which we just don’t deserve.

Thank God for the gift of His Abundant Grace on your life today as we celebrate thanksgiving all over the world. Let’s be thankful for His Grace and purely His Grace alone which has given us the gift of life and every blessing that we are blessed with today.

Grace.. Grace.. God’s Grace.. Oh that beautiful abundant Grace.. The Undeserved favor on a sinner like me..