Being selfless causes pain or does good?For me it’s always caused pain. Being selfless only has killed me from within coz you give up your dreams and be selfless to make your loved one happy, however it’s either unrecognised or criticised. 

But that doesn’t stop me from being selfless only coz my Love for my loved one is much much greater than the pain I go through. 

Ever been in my shoes? Ever felt the same and regretted for being selfless? Ever thought being selfish seems to be the best way out to be happy? 

No my friend, being selfless may go unrecognised but it’s totally worth it. Why u say it’s worth it is coz your doing out of that unconditional love for your loved ones. Seeing them happy and keeping them happy is priceless! 

Just like God sent His only begotten son Jesus to save us all from the gates of hell so we may live, be saved, seek Him, walk in His ways and enter into Eternal Glory with the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. 

As the very famous verse from the Bible quotes in John 3:16 ~ “For God so loved the world, that he gave His ONLY begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have Eternal Life”. 

Let’s continue to be selfless and give as the Lord has given us or rather gifted us with His only Son so we may not perish but live an eternal life. 

Being selfless might hurt and cause pain, but it’s totally worth it and rewarding. 

Specially during this Christmas season let’s give selflessly and bless others!