Even when it all seems to be crashing down, when happiness is short lived, when tears roll down.. YOU my darling keep me going..
Every time you punch and kick within me, you remind me to stay strong and keep going for US.. YOU my baby love are my most precious gift from above.. Every move of yours gives me immense joy and I thank God for the beautiful blessing from above..

YOU my LOVE are my world! The world I’ll cherish for life.. The world I’d die for and take care of.. You’ve turned my world around.. YOUR my JOY, my HAPPINESS, my TREASURE, my LOVE, my PRECIOUS, my EVERYTHING..!!

Through our Roller Coaster rides together, you’ve reminded me what a great treasure you are and will be for life.. I love you so much more than you can ever imagine.. Your mommy dearest adores every move of yours and can’t wait for your arrival to hug you, kiss you and love you with all I can and have..