Ever wished you weren’t born? Ever thought of being dead? Ever wondered as to why you still alive?

I’ve been there too! So its not something that’s unnatural, its totally natural.

We tend to get these thoughts when the world around us is crashing down. We’ve always wondered why we’re still alive or why can’t God take me away. Why do I have to live? Why can’t I be dead?

My Friends, remember you are here with a “PURPOSE”. Yes, you read it right; we’re each placed on this planet by the Almighty because HE has a purpose in our lives.

You’re whole World maybe crashing right now. Everything may be falling apart. You may be all confused. You may be wondering if there is any Hope at all. You may be seeing only the dark nights with absolutely no light/sunshine. You may be going through your hardest times. You may be on the verge of giving up in Life.

Please DON’T GIVE UP!!

Remember you may be losing it now, you may be in your darkest hours now, but THERE IS HOPE!

The one who you created you, the one who planned your birth, the one who placed you here on Earth has a BEAUTIFUL PURPOSE in YOUR LIFE. The purpose may be unknown for now. But your Creator knows the best for you. HE knows exactly what you’re here for.

Your Creator knew you even before you were formed in your mother’s womb. Every word HE says is true and HE loves YOU with an UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Nobody on this planet can Love you like the way HE does. Every storm that’s rising up right now is a lesson of some form that’s preparing you for your BEAUTIFUL LIFE/DAYS ahead which is unseen.

NEVER EVER GIVE UP! HE is still on the Throne! He is able to bless you with much more than what you can even think of! There is HOPE, JESUS is your HOPE!! HE makes all things BEAUTIFUL in HIS PERFECT time.

Don’t Give Up, just wait to know your purpose here on Earth to come to pass..