Oh Father the Great Love!
Oh you’re Wondrous Love!
Wondrous Love for me!
That you died on the Cross
For a Sinner like me!

Oh that Amazing Love
Unconditional Love
That came seeking the lost,
I am saved by your Mercy
And the Grace abundant!

Oh the love that’s so sweet
Oh the fresh and new mercies
Oh the abundance of Grace
Oh Glory Hallelujah!!

Thank you for the Love
Thank you for the Cross
Thank you for the Blood which was shed for me

You have found me by your Grace
And embraced me in your love
Redeemed me by your blood
And gave me strength to soar higher and stronger in you!

Your strength has made me Prefect
Your blood has washed my sins away
I am redeemed by your Blood
Healed through your iniquities
And I’m so blessed for you chose me,
A Sinner to be your Precious little child.