My definition of a dream is when one promises himself/herself to do or achieve something big/different in life. 

How many of you would agree to my version of the definition of a dream? Many of you may or may not agree. However it’s just my way of looking at it. 

Growing up as a child I had to give up on many of my dreams, the things I wanted to really do in life, circumstances force you to delete them from your heads and move on with life. Pretty sure that many of you will agree to the above said statement. 

Each one of us have given up on dreams, the one thing or the few things you badly wanted to do in life. It hurts to give up or when forced to give up on your dreams, I’ve been there and done that and still doing it. 

Some of us were forced to give up on them, some had no choice but to give up, some of us did strive towards it but didn’t quite get there. Some of us would have given up due to a financial crunch, some for families, some for the sake of studies, and some for the sake of our parents who denied it or didn’t allow us to. The reasons just seem endless. 

How many of us look back or ever wondered that we weren’t able to get there maybe because it wasn’t God’s will for us to do what we always wanted to? Ever thought of this as a reason? Well honestly, I hadn’t thought about it this way until in the past week. The Bible says that not even a strand of hair falls from our head without God’s Will. How then did we not think that our dreams weren’t reachable maybe because it wasn’t the Will of the Almighty

Many of us are so hurting inside that we don’t think or want to think about anything else apart from the fact that we didn’t get there. We hurt ourselves and people around us because we don’t want to think otherwise. Or maybe your dream wasn’t reachable because you haven’t prayed about it or submitted to God for an approval. For every little thing we go to God seeking His will and abiding by His will, what then you did wrong or didn’t do to get there?

Our God is not only a God, He is our Father, Friend, Companion, Teacher and Guide. He doesn’t simply allow us to go through things in our lives without His Perfect Will. 

Remember my Dear friend, it may be hurting real bad right now for not being able to achieve what you always dreamt of your entire life! But maybe it wasn’t part of God’s plan for your life too! Be rest assured if it is God’s will, He will bring it to pass at the right time that He thinks is the Best for YOU! Don’t give up, cheer up and live today like there’s no tomorrow instead of worrying about your past! 

When things don’t go your way through the submissive will of God, it doesn’t hurt at all.