I always wonder if this is the thought every woman has or is it just me?

Well my little one inside is all active and excited as she/he is growing and running out of space to move around within. 

Sometimes when I look at my tummy I feel like a mini cement mixer. My little one is so full of energy and loves to move around. 

My precious one from above, my humungous gift from the Lord. A gift to treasure for life and to prepare to give the best. He/she is going to turn our world upside down for good as we’re preparing and eagerly waiting for the arrival. 

The Heaven is going to rejoice once this blessing hits the earth! I’ve always experienced God’s abundant and amazing Grace since the birth of this beautiful miracle in my womb. Through all the wonderful rides together, we await to begin the most beautiful journey of life together on this earth. 

Your greatly treasured and we are be blessed to have you in our lives! We love you and look forward to your birth.