Blunders!! Everyone is familiar with this word! The reason being we’ve all done them. Blunders in other words mistakes. Each one of us have made umpteen number of mistakes in life. 

Some of may feel that our lives itself is a big big mistake. Ever felt that you’ve done things in life which you want to undo? Undo the major blunders of life if we get a chance isn’t it? 

But ever prayed for a blunder to turn into a blessing? Ever wondered if this can ever happen? Ever wished that the blunder is a devil in disguise for a huge blessing? 

To be honest I wish all my blunders would turn into blessings for the good of others and myself. Few have turned into a blessing but few remain blunders of life from which millions of lessons are learnt. 

Blunders can NEVER be undone, but the lessons learnt through them are never to be forgotten dear friend. And also ensure it’s not repeated. The blunders you know is wrong and repeat doesn’t have forgiveness. So watch out! Be careful with the repetition of the blunders made in life. 

God is able to turn blunders to blessings according His Perfect Will. I don’t promise it will happen but it may depending on the intensity and kind of blunder made. Yeah, I know it sounds weird but like I said it may or may not happen. So don’t purposely make mistakes and pray asking God to turn that to a blessing. 

Don’t take His Grace and Mercies for granted. Yes, He loves you with an Unconditional Love and is able to do much more than you can think or imagine but He is also a God who tests you. So be cautious! 

Since blunder made cannot be undone, the best that can be done is to always think about the lessons learnt from them, forget about it, stop regretting and NEVER EVER repeat it! 

Have a happy life always..!! Life is a Gift.. A gift unseen by millions across the Globe! 😊😊