You may feel rejected or dejected..
You may say your all alone, and your friends may have deserted you..

Be rest assured and remember:
You are not alone, you are loved and cared for;
Your the Apple of HIS eyes who loves you Unconditionally.
HE will NEVER leave you nor forsake you; HE is ALWAYS by your Side.

You just call on the name of JESUS!
And HE’LL be right there to walk you through the rough paths.

HE is a King and you are HIS Child.
HE is a Faithful friend and brother even though HE is a King!

HE waits for you and longs to be with You.
Your HIS Precious Child, whom HE died and rose again for!

Choose to walk with HIM and HE will hold your hand,
HE is your GUIDE and will lead you.

Tell HIM that you love HIM and you will feel HIS Embrace and lets you rest in HIS Arms and NEVER EVER leave you!

HE is the one who NEVER changes and one who will LOVE you till the end no matter what!