Why do you have revenge and vengeance within you? So much ego for what? Love for money which you are going to leave behind. So much hatredness towards people when you are just on a short journey here on earth. 

Choose the way you live now and treat others, that’s the only way you will be remembered for life! Do you want to be known as the egoistic person or a humble person. Being humble and egoistic do not go hand in hand. It’s either this or that. One cannot be good and bad. You may be the most sweetest person to people outside and yet have a secret offensive life with your own people. Well I’d call this wolf in disguise. 

During your short stay here on earth, live each day like there’s no tomorrow, love everyone, treat everyone as one, cut your ego, be humble and give cheerfully to help others. 

Remember if you don’t live like the way mentioned above, you cannot expect others to treat you well and as a matter of fact expect God to be good to you always! But yes, God is a forgiven, HE will love you unconditionally until your under the Grace of God. Once the Grace is not over you, then you will see the wrath of God

Running after wealth, pride and assets is useless as they are all temporary. More than building the things here on earth, work on building on your character of the way God wants you to be and how HE expects you to be. 

My dear friend, I’ve known a man who fought so much for wealth, money, assets and was very proud of the achievements which was very short lived. God did break the pride and cut the ego and made him a humble man but for nothing. Little did the man know that he won’t make it anymore and breathed his last. 

It’s scary how one persons life can come crashing down and just suddenly end. 

Don’t leave a chance in knowing God, and being the way HE wants you to be. Remain faithful in HIM, live for Jesus, work on building HIS kingdom and always think about this in every aspect of your life where your needed to make a choice/decision -“What would Jesus do?” 

“What would JESUS do?” (WWJD)

The above sentence will keep you from thinking and doing evil and will keep you going just as you are and according to the way HE wants you to be.