The Heavens rejoiced and the Earth was glad with the singing and dancing of the Angels on the arrival of my handsome little boy..

Little did we know he’d arrive that day, but God knows the best time for him to land here safely on Earth out of his mummas womb to face the world boldly and bravely! 

Our little boy has turned our World around. He’s got us rejoicing in the Lord for him and his safe arrival. He’s the bestest thing that’s ever happened to us. He’s filled our hearts with the greatest joy and continues to amuse us with all that he’s learning by the day. 

He’s our huge blessing as he’s a gift from above through the abundant Grace as I always say.. 

Observing him and every minute detail of God’s amazing hand in creating this little boy amuses us totally.. Every detail which resembles either his dad or me just leaves me awestruck for he’s been created by the Lord Almighty by using us as his instrument in bringing this beautiful soul into this world. 

How great are your works oh Lord!! How marvellous are your deeds and the best author of each one of our lives. This little boy is the best picture planted in our lives for us to build ourselves as a family and raise him into what you’ve called him to be for your glory! 

Every single day is so beautiful with this little boy.. The things he does, the way he smiles in his sleep, him crying, the poses in which he sleeps, different looks in different kinds of clothings and most importantly he’s brought “US” closer. 

His beautiful smile only reminds me of how amazing my life is right now and what a great blessing he is in our lives. No words can express how happy we are and how hugely we’re blessed on his arrival. It’s a whole new life and a brand new beginning for each of us. 

Looking forward to an amazing parenthood and a life filled with more laughter and joy with this little boy in our lives!!