When your hair is all messy, you’ve got dark circles due to sleepless nights and you don’t care anymore if you’ve got Kajal on before you step out of the house coz you couldn’t care less about the way your dressed, and all your bothered about is diapers, wipes, tissues, an extra pair of clothes, socks and a cap for your little one in the bag your carrying which is no longer a sling bag but a huge bag which can accommodate all of the mentioned items.

And you’ve no clue how you look like or what you smell like, coz your dealing with poop, baby vomit and diaper changes all the time. So you kinda smell like a baby coz of the baby products you use for the little one but you just can’t complain.

No matter how hard it may seem and how much you miss your sleeeeeep at nights.. You forget everything for this new world of yours as it’s worth every little sacrifice made to take care and ensure the best is given no matter what..!!

This is the reason why your little one is called “The Bundle of Joy..!!” 😊😍👩‍👦

Our bundle of Joy has brought so much love and joy and he’s our greatest blessing from above!