It’s just so amazing the way God’s marvellous creation works..

Each time I look into every detail of my little boy, his eyes, his tiny hands and feet, his sleeping posture, his nose, eyes, lips, eyebrows.. Oh my! Can’t think of how the union of a man and woman can create this beautiful little beings in our images and with our qualities or genes.

I always cribbed that 9 months is a really long wait for babies to be born, but now when I look into every tiny bit detail of my little boy I realise how much time is consumed for God our creator to have him shaped just like either his father or me. 

God sure does spend a lot of time in moulding every single egg in us in creating the best for each of us which is a sheer bliss and a beautiful blessing in the form of little babies. Every little detail just reminds me of how much Jesus loves me and the amount of time he’s taken to give us the Best! He’s sculpted this little boy in a way he will be adored for his resemblance, his sleeping postures like us and every feature he’s carried on from us. 

God’s creation keeps amusing me by the day as I see much more of this boy. The creation has left me awe struck because His deed is just marvellous, incredible and the most amazing blessing bestowed upon our lives! 

My only prayer is that this boy will grow up to live for His heavenly Master and be submissive to be used as His instrument because God has taken him and moulded him into what He’s called him to be for His Glory in the years to come. 

We offer this little boy to your service Dear Lord..