More than a month has gone by with you in my life. You have just turned my world up aside down for good. Each sleepless night, each toil, each day with body aches only makes me smile looking at you. Every pain vanishes at your very thought. Your my beautiful gift from above!

Each time you smile you make me cry, The tears of joy keeps rolling down my cheeks. Your bright eyes only says you’ve loads to do and achieve.. That smile is priceless and just melts me down completely. 

When your little fingers hold me, it reminds me of every promise I made to you when you were within and now.. And all the ways I think of, to keep up those little promises I’ve made to you alone in silence..

It’s promises I’ve made to keep, my boy, not just by word of mouth but will do all it takes to bring it to pass.. By His Grace we will give you all that you desire and more.. Never will disappoint you coz I know what disappoints are! Will do all within my ability and more to keep every promise I’ve made to you my Zac boy.. 

Trust me when I say, Every promise made will be kept! 

Someday when you grow up and read this, I only hope you will wear that beautiful curve across your face and say, “Yes Amma, you kept every promise you made!”,

That’s the day on I live in content and my life here on earth is worthwhile..

This image was clicked on the 2nd day of your birth. March 20th 2017..