All these years, Mother’s Day has been a day where I wish my mother, probably gift her something or take her out on a lunch date. Wishing my mommy dearest will continue, except that this year on it’s a day of celebration for me too and as the years pass by, I’ll have someone do the same for me. 

Been a mother for almost 2 months now, and it has been the most explicit journey of my life. Through all the ups and downs, though my world around crashed, his smile kept me going and has me going even now. 

Being a mother has turned my world upside down, it’s given me hope, a reason to live and fight the world for, a reason to smile and embrace everything that comes my way. 

Having sleepless nights isn’t new for any mother, but having not to crib about it, is a choice you make just like the choice you made to bring the beautiful soul into this world. There is such a huge responsibility on your shoulder which needs constant effort in making it successful. Be rest assured that your little one will always be there holding your hand which in itself makes you all the more responsible and sensitive to their care. 

When a child holds your hand/finger, he/she trusts you blindly. They know no other person who can care for them as much as you do. They believe that no matter what, you are always there to take care of them and love them and give them the best. 

You go through sleepless nights, your smelly all over with the baby vomit, your hair is all messy, you have no time to dress up and look beautiful or wear your best handbag or purse or even the lip colour that matches your outfit for the day but you ensure everything your little one needs is taken and not forgotten, this is the real beautiful you! Being a mother..!! 

Being a mother is responsible enough in taking care of the little one, being sensitive to their needs, loving them like no other, sacrificing to see them smile, these are the things that make you beautiful and a superstar. 

Being a mother is not easy, if you are then your not easy but tough, brave and the most beautiful person on earth.. 

Here’s wishing a very happy Mother’s Day to you all!!