Back in 2003, this day was the most emotional one coz “She” was gone too soon by choice.

Friends are the most important and an integral part of a teenagers life and who influence your life for either the good or bad, and I had one to call my own too. She was cute, quick witted, very pretty with the deep dimple on her right cheek and a beautiful voice. She gave me the warmest hug each morning when I entered school and goodbyes each day after school seemed to the hardest for her, her love for me was way beyond what any friend had for me on this planet. She had the worst hand writing for a 10th grader but wrote creatively. Our names rhymed and we loved it coz we were the best of pals after all! 

Little did I know that she was serious about being gone too soon by choice. The choice she made is regretted by all her loved ones and acquaintances coz she was the chirpiest girl and truly won the hearts of many within just 3 months. Yes, 3 months is all it took for her to be my best pal and influencer. 

I woke up to the message that morning that she was gone forever leaving behind memories and painful hearts that are still freshly wounded to this day. 

There she lay clothed in her favourite white gown she always spoke about like a princess with her favourite yellow roses. She seemed at peace after saying goodbye to her grieving parents and younger brother who knew not what was happening that day. 

Of all the choices she made, this was her worst though she thought Twas her best. 

For all reading this post and thinking that ending your life is the solution to all your problems, please step aside and think of all your loved ones who’d be heart broken for life and most importantly, You DO NOT hold the expiration date to your life. 

You were created by God with your parents being instrumental in giving birth to you, life’s issues are temporary, even when the whole universe around you seems to be falling apart, remember that God is in control of your life and is by your side no matter what. The world around you and all those in them may not comfort you, cling on to your Creator and He makes all things possible coz He loves you Unconditionally. 

As for my dear friend whose gone too soon, I regret her decision, miss her pretty dimpled face, her hugs and her company for life. 

Someone once said, Decisions Decide Destiny! So make the right choices and choose wisely.